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Stepping Criteria: Each judge will use the categories (shown below) to judge each step team’s performance.

  1. Use of slogan “Stepping in the Right Direction” two or more times: The incorporation of the step show slogan,
    “Stepping in the Right Direction” into the performance. (15 points)
  2. NOTE: The THEME is what your team decides. Within your team’s theme, the slogan “Stepping in the Right Direction” must be said.

  3. Precision/Synchronization: an evaluation of the uniformity of all the step team member’s arm and leg movements
    moving and performing in unison. PRECISION is evaluated by the teams straightness and strength in their body
    when doing basic traditional steps. (20 points)
  4. Originality/Creativity: Performing new and innovative steps (10 points)
  5. Choreography: evaluating the step routine and the specifics of transition movements from one step routine to the
    next. (15 points)
  6. Team Attire/Appearance: The team should have coordinated uniforms. (10 points)
  7. TIP: Coordinate attire with your team’s theme

  8. Intro/Outro Step: evaluating how the team enters the stage to perform as well as evaluating if the team still has
    energy to complete the entire routine until the end. (15 points)
  9. Volume/Sound Clarity: The loudness and vibration of stomping, chants and singing. Ensuring Judges and Crowd
    can hear any talking or chants incorporated into the routine. (15 points)
    TIP: Sometimes pre-recorded interactions with the audience can make the difference in a performance

NOTE: Audience Appeal this year is not part of the scorecard, as this will favor a “local” team compared to a team that is not from that area.

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